Janne Oksanen (b. 1994) played his first recital at the age of 15 and since then he has performed as a soloist and chamber musician widely in Finland as well as in Europe and USA. In February 2018 he performed the complete works of Toivo Kuula in Sibafest, Helsinki Music Centre, with national Yle Radio 1 broadcasting. Due to the great success of the concert, the recording was made one year later. His debut album Kuula: The Piano Works was released with Alba Records in September 2019. The album collected praise from several reviews and was included on Helsinki Times “The Best Albums of 2019” list. The release was followed by a 33-date concert tour. 
In 2021 Oksanen will make his debute as a soloist with Oulu Sinfonia. He has performed as soloist with Academy Winds, Vantaa Youth Symphony Orchestra and Tapiola Youth Symphony Orchestra. Oksanen has been successful in various national and international competitions such as Helmi Vesa 2019, Nordic Piano Competition 2017 in Sweden, Madetoja Piano Competition 2012 and Citta di Ghioggia in Italy 2009. 

Oksanen is a pursuing pedagogue as well. The Taubman Approach, an ergonomic approach to piano playing healed his long-term playing injuries in 2017 and he has been studying and teaching the approach ever since. He gave a lecture and a masterclass in Lapland Music Institute in 2018. 

Oksanen graduated as a Master of Music in 2020 from Sibelius Academy where he studied with Risto-Matti Marin. In 2014-2015 he studied in Conservatoire de Paris with Denis Pascal. His previous teachers include Teppo Koivisto and Rebekka Angervo. He has participated in masterclasses with Pascal Devoyon, Konstantin Bogino, Edna Golandsky, Malcolm Bilson, Alberto Nose, Liisa Pohjola and Matti Raekallio. He has also studied conducting with Jorma Panula and Atso Almila. 

Oksanen has been the recipient of various scholarships and stipends from many of the most prestigious cultural foundations in Finland including the Finnish Culture Foundation, Jenny & Antti Wihuri’s Foundation and Martin Wegelius Foundation.